Top 5 Audio and Video Call Apps for Android and iOS

VOIP or voice over IP, is a way of making calls just by using the internet. Nowadays, with everyone using smartphones, calling anyone anywhere anytime is never been easier, thanks to these audio/video call apps available and the internet. Here are 5 free video calling apps that you can use for Android and iOS. You can download them for free by searching it in Google Play Store for Android and on the App Store for iOS devices.

Viber Messenger

The Viber Messenger app allows you to make free voice and video calls using a Wi-Fi connection. The app uses your phone number for their network to identify you and your contacts as well. It is a popular platform because it also have chat feature with stickers that you can use to make your message more persinalized. It also have a feature called instant 30-second videos messages.

Facebook Messenger

There is a high chance that you are already a facebook user, there are almost 2 billion people worldwide that uses facebook nowadays. Facebook has a very popular Messenger app, so if you are using their facebook app, you might already have the Messenger app installed as well. Aside from it being a chat app, it  also allows you to make free voice and video calls with other facebook users. With this app, you can use names or phone numbers to find your friends on this social networking site.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts, is an app from Google. It also have a huge community of active users. If you use Google’s email service, you can easily use Google Hangouts. This app also allows you to make free voice and video calls. You can also use it for messaging and sharing photos or videos. There are also emoji’s and stickers in this chat app.

Whatsapp Messenger

WhatsApp is the most popular voice call app via internet for mobile devices. Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014, back then it has more than a billion of users. The WhatsApp Messenger apps allows you to use your internet connection to call family and friends and send them messages for free.


Skype is the service that really made VoIP popular. It offered free local and international calls to other Skype users while offering low-cost plans for calling international numbers of non-Skype users. The service is well established, it has really good quality of service and features. Skype was purchased by Microsoft in 2011. You can make easy voice calls or video calls to other Skype users on mobile and even on a computer.

Any of these apps will get you done with your intent of calling your loved ones that is far away. They all allow you to make voice and video calls for free. For ease of use, since everyone might already be using Facebook with the Messenger app installed, it might be the easiest to use app out there as you can easily see if the one you intend to call is available. That is because staying online in facebook is never been easier and has been a habit for most people.